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California Wine Line Private Winery Tours

California Wine Line was crafted from wine lovers alike. We combined our background in hospitality, with our passion for California wine. It is not just our luxury transportation that makes our wine  tours unique. It is the individuals behind the wine and the experiences we together, create and deliver to our clients. Meet the families and the people behind some of California‚Äôs most hand crafted wine with California Wine Line.

All tours include luxury transportation, private tour guide and tasting fees. California Wine Line can accommodate parties of any size and can include wine paired lunches and recommendations while visiting the local area.


Hospitality, History and Wine

With almost 1,300 wineries in California its hard to decide which wineries to visit for the best experience. Before California Wine Line chose our wineries we visited California Wine Counties as a customer and a fellow wine lover. We relentlessly searched for the most hospitable, happy and passionate wineries in each wine region that want to share their passion for wine making you. Every wine tour by California Wine Line is followed with fun history lessons and how the wineries came to be. Most wineries, are family owned and operated wineries with some being handed down from generation to generation.